Farmacias Elimar, the Pharmacy Chain with Guanacaste’s roots and origins.

A family business that start with the desire of cover the need of Guanacaste’s people and has been constantly growing for the last 8 years on the market, to the point that we have locations on the principal towns of Guanacaste, but also Alajuela and Puntarenas.

Located where you need the most:  Liberia, Cañas, Santa Cruz, Tiralan, Nicoya, Nandayure, Samara, Nosara, El Roble de Puntarenas, San Ramon Alajuela and for your commodity we keep growing.
Our efforts and work is focused on our clients, keeping the pillars: Competitive prices, variety of products, Benefits plans with express service and of course, bringing the best customer service in each one of our pharmacies.

We believe and want a long term relationship with our customers, that’s way every day we go forward, looking to make your visit more personalized, and our team will work on accomplish all your expectation.

Please visit us and confirm our excellent prices and costumer services…